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Corporate Security Services

Black Cat Solution: A team of highly qualified professionals trained exclusively for corporate security needs. They are committed to the highest level of security procedures to provide a safe and secure work environment for your employees, customers and visitors.


Residencial and Institution Security Services

We provide Residential and institutional security services, which constitutes another special category. Sizable housing or apartment complexes, Institutions. especially if under one management, can employ sophisticated security measures, including, for example, closed-circuit television monitoring of elevators and hallways and trained security guards. Relatively simple equipment for houses or small apartment buildings, as, for example, exterior lighting and alarms, is increasingly used. We provide you the best Residential and institutional security services to your door steps.


Commercial Security Services

We are an esteemed company for commercial security services , Our professional and experienced staff can manage small as well as large process in a professional and effective manner. You can focus on your business, free from security concerns. Our services are unequaled throughout the industry in accordance with the best practices of the security industry.


Hospital And Industrial Security Services

Our guards will be very helpful in safeguarding the assets of your factory as well as very effective in ENTRY and EXIT of any IT company and Hospitals Currently, we are serving many top IT companies in and around Chennai. Our security force has the potential to meet your expectations. Make us your trusted partner for security services in Chennai and Tamil Nadu. Any factory or IT companies and hospitals needs security to safeguard your valuable assets and also keep everything normal throughout the day.